Photo Pro mentoring (outdoor focus, May through August)


Specialized for outdoor sunset sessions, including beach, field, and urban sessions.

Ready to turn your hobby into a business? Are you tired of devoting your time and energy to work that is "just a job," when your true passion is something more inspiring, freeing, and beautiful? Are you wondering how to turn your dreams into a dream profession?

For the first time ever, I'm offering technical AND business mentoring to aspiring professional photographers. I'll work with you to develop the skills behind the camera and behind the scenes that will help you launch or boost your outdoor photography business.

In three, one-on-one, 120-minute sessions*, we'll cover:

--indoor/outdoor lighting
--shooting in manual**
--specifics of golden-hour, sunset shooting techniques
--client interaction/engagement
--creating a style
--launching or relaunching a photography business

The mentoring program will be completely personalized according to your skills, needs, interests, and goals. Whatever your strengths, we'll focus on how to feature those in your business plan. Your concerns? We'll attack them head-on with time-proven, field-tested insight, skills, and strategy.

Investment: $1300 ($650 due upon booking, remaining balance due 1st day of the month scheduled)

*Session length and frequency may be adjusted to fit your needs and schedule
**SLR or DSLR with prime lens required