Mastering Manual 2023


If you have a DSLR, you can take beautiful photos with your camera pretty much automatically. Just set your camera to AUTO, point and shoot. Your pictures will turn out pretty well, but it's your DSLR's programming that will be making most of the creative decisions. And for many, many people, that's enough.

But if you want to be a *photographer* . . . if you want to be in full control over the photos you capture, you'll need to master your craft and your DSLR in manual.

You want to shoot like a professional and feel like a professional who can proudly say, "Yes, I am a photographer." It's time to take your DSLR skills and your understanding of photography to the next level.

(And if you're interested in Pro Photo mentoring, I *highly* recommend taking this course beforehand. There is lots more to learn about being a professional photographer than the fundamentals of shooting manual, but mastering manual is unquestionably the first step.)

Learn the basics of the exposure triangle, find out what ISO, shutter speed and aperture are and how to adjust them on your specific camera model. We'll also cover the basics of lighting, indoors and out!

To ensure you get the most out of this class with plenty of hands-on instruction and personalized tips, enrollment in this workshop is limited to just four people. If you've been dying to improve your photography, even if you've taken photography courses before but learn best from one-on-one guidance, this class is definitely for you.

This Mastering Manual workshop is a two-day event, Saturday, June 24th, 11 am - 2 pm & Sunday, June 25th, 11 am - 2 pm at my studio in downtown Valparaiso.

Don't let that DSLR collect dust (and don't wear out the AUTO setting on it, either). And don't let another moment slip by when you couldn't capture the perfect shot because you didn't have the skills that are right within your grasp. Sign up today. Let's do this!

Investment: $300 at the time of booking your spot ($300 is due two weeks after deposit is made.)

A DSLR and a prime lens is required.